Call For Artists

Art For Syria is an attempt to answer the question: “How can we help Syria?”

We’re calling artists based around the world, with Syrian origins or not, who believe we can have a positive impact with our art.

For the first step of the project, artwork can include graphic work, painting reproduction, photography or any other form of art that can be reproduced. If you would like to offer other type of art, please send as an email to contact[at]

Art For Syria then takes care of the printing, the quality insurance, the handling and the shipping. Art For Syria will also keep the artists notified about the number of artwork sold and the projects created with the money.

Artists can submit more than one artwork and Art For Syria keeps the right to decide which submitted artwork will be published on the gallery. We’re avoiding artwork that promotes political & religious views, violence, hate or illegal activities.

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By sending my artwork, I confirm that I have all the rights related to the artwork I'm submitting. I also willingly agree to give "Art For Syria Project" and "La maison de la Syrie" the right to use my artwork, to raise funds by selling it and to share my non-sensitive personal information with the public, without a restriction of time, location, quantity and medium, always within the project's objectives and never for other purposes.
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