How It Works

Step 1 : Browse The Social Art Shop

Wherever you are around the globe, shop¹ your favorite pieces offered by artists who wish to support Syrians in need through their art.

Step 2 : Projects Are Funded

100% of the profits are redistributed to non-politically and non-religiously oriented projects that work directly with Syrians in need². For the first phase of Art For Syria, projects are selected by La maison de la Syrie. Here are the supported projects:

Step 3 : See The Results, Participate & Stay Connected

We want to stay connected after your donation. Artists, donors and the public will receive detailed reports of activities that were completed because of the donations. For those interested, it will also be possible to participate by sharing ideas, by volunteering and by connecting with the people we are supporting.

Step 4 : Share with the world

Invite your friends to support us, to share their artwork and to follow us. The more we are, the stronger we will be. Will you be part of the movement?



1- Payments are made through Paypal, a secure online system which accepts credit cards. Art For Syria doesn’t have access to credit card numbers and will never share other private information with third-parties.

2- Donations are managed by La maison de la Syrie, a non-profit organization registered in Montreal, Canada. You can find the organization’s mission and activities on its website: